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I have to say that looking at the etchings on these knives, your art is so striking and lovely. I have looked at so much imagery on the internet and Pinterest and your art really stands out.
Prescott, AZ
Mailman just dropped off the two knives...wonderful presentation and I'm a true sucker for any kind of literature.

I am more than pleased with the two knives...and while looking (without much success) to find what made the "Basic" a 2nd, couldn't help but compliment whomever ground that knife. A true craftsman (or person as the case may be). Please pass my compliments along to them. It's a beautiful knife...at least to me and fits my idea of what a knife should be. And the engraving...holy cow.
Spokane, WA
Thanks for the heads up on this and the great service. Your quick response on my questions is a delight and your focus on great product and great service is wonderful.
Oakland, CA
I love them. Spent the morning rearranging knives and having to add another magnetic board. They are beautiful, useful pieces of art in my kitchen!
Montgomery, AL
I just received the Drop Point Hunter knife!
Its great!
lovely work!
such as I expected when seeing the pictures.
Thanks so much!
I just used it!
Thank you so much it's wonderful.
Portland, OR
I've received it. It is lovely. Thank you and your team.
San Francisco, CA
Wow!! It's all I can say... They are even more beautiful than on your web site. Thanks so much for getting them in the mail so quickly. I'm saving up for the mustang etching next.
Pebble Beach, CA
Yes, knife and sheath arrived, and are beautiful. I am as pleased with them as I could possibly be.
Thank you!
Livermore, CA
Just came in. I love it. Thanks again.
Delray Beach, FL
Oh Francine!!! …How GRAND and WONDERFUL this baby is..
I love it! A big knife with heft balance and so so beautiful.. Thank
You! Thank YOU! Thank You!
Santa Cruz, CA
It's better than I expected! I love how light it is and I think it was smart to do all serrated on a boat knife.

A couple comments on marlin spikes... I feel all general purpose working knives should have one, be they marine or dry land. Thanks for making that possible.

While most other marine knives have locking spikes and slip joint blades, I think your designs (lock blade and slip joint spike) is better and safer.

I am looking forward to showing these two knives to my friends this summer.

Thanks for all the personal care.
Van Nuys, CA
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