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Jim Ort~Oz Knives


Jim Ort, Maker of Oz Knives
Our Primary Sheathmaker

Jim Ort was raised in Northern Wisconsin in the small town of Land O’ Lakes where his family owned and operated a resort called Mockesair Lodge, built in 1917. The resort was a summer retreat for for great fishing and hunting.  The fall offered an abundance partridge, duck, and goose hunting. The resort was home to about 50 to 60 deer hunters during the season.  Needless to say, considering those living conditions, one can see how Jim's interest in knives developed. 

He started making knives when he found a WWII KA_BAR issue knife which had all the parts except the missing leather handle. He fitted it with stacked colored floor titles, and shaped the handle.  He still has the knife!

Jim moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1964, worked for Motorola’s Semiconductors Division in Phoenix for thirty two years. In his spare time he pursued knife making and repair as a hobby.

When he retired in 1996 and started making knives full time, it didn't take him long to to realize that knives need sheaths, and sheath making turned into his 2nd business.  He builds his knives under the  company name of Oz Custom Knives.

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