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Knife Care

We are working on a more detailed knife care article, but until it is completed, below are some simple suggestions and a couple of links to products that will help you to maintain your knife.  

  • Remember that Dendritic Steel and Dendritic Cobalt do not need sharpening very often and that it takes very little to achieve a razor edge.  Use a medium Arkansas stone or the coarse stones on the Spyderco set shown below.  Do not over-sharpen.
  • Never use an electric knife sharpener.
  • Cut only on wood surfaces - not glass, china, or plastic.
  • Keep your knife clean and dry.
  • Never put your knife in the dishwasher or let it soak in water.
  • Scotchbrite or other abrasive cleaners will scratch the blade and polish off the etched surface, including the design.
  • Do not torque or pry with your knife.  

    Boos Board Cream for Handle Maintenance and Restoration.
    Boos Board Cream  

    Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker Set ~ Use Coarse Stones Only for Dendritic Steel and Cobalt.
    Comes with an instructional DVD.
    Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker Set 

    More Coming Soon...  


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