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Deborah Boye

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Deborah Boye
Production/ Sales Manager, Boye Knives

Debbie Boye is the keeper of the flame.  Her steadfast attention to details large and small facilitates the smooth functioning between the Boye shop and ours.  Underlying all, she is a dear friend who offers clear thinking, moral support and enthusiasm for expanding and maintaining the Boye Knife legacy.

Debbie began working with David in the late 1970’s and quickly became the perfect grounded, common sense compliment to Boye's creative storm. Together they developed the line of Boye cast knives that provide the practical heart of Francine Etched Knives today.

Deborah grew up in Flint, Michigan and went to college at Brown University in Providence, RI.  She dropped out and came out to California to search for more meaning. She found it with the quixotic Boye.  Together they have the perfect combination of skills to shepherd David Boye Knives throughout all these years.  Their work has enabled Francine Etched Knives to thrive as well.  

Debbie is our behind the scenes ally whose prodigeous help facilitates our production and marketing as well as providing generous practical and moral support in all areas...

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