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David Boye

David Boye
Knifemaker, Inventor, Artist, Founder & Owner Boye Knives

                                                                                                    Photo: Michael Arenson

Yesterday I was watching David working with some blades, sorting, inspecting, and putting them into the tumble polisher. He looked so happy. He’s the “keeper of the knives,” the living fount in this world. He sure does love the knives, and wants the world to have them.--Deborah Boye

Artist, inventor, researcher, innovator, David Boye has pursued an “out of the box” lifestyle since leaving doctoral studies in social psychology in 1968. Completely self taught in the art and craft of knife making, he transferred his seminal knowledge in his popular and now classic book, “Step by Step Knifemaking,” first published in 1976. Never one to stay still, David went on to revolutionize blade making with his discovery of dendritic metallurgy, which enhances edge holding capability from 2-50X. 

David’s personal values are reflected his choice of practical, “peace-loving” knife designs, and his Scandinavian roots are clearly visible in the simple, contemporary lines of his work. Early on he was inspired by an etched antique sword in a museum, and etched blade decoration became a hallmark of Boye knives.

David’s knives have a living essence which transfers to the user, bringing happiness, satisfaction, and even a sense of completion. “l love my knife” is a common report. Through his raw talent, incredible persistence, and heart-based work, David has made an original, lasting contribution to the art and science of knife making.

The knives that we make and sell are made from David Boye designed 440C castings & Cobalt castings. The blade etchings are acheived using techniques that David developed. Our business is built on a series of creative knife designs that David developed over the past 40 years. From the exquisitely designed Custom Kitchen and Custom Outdoor blades, the unique and versatile Basic Knives, the imaginative Tweezerlock Folding Pocket Knives, and of course, the BDS and BDC Lockback Folding Pocket Knives. We are deeply grateful for David's highly inventive nature that has allowed us to provide you with these wonderful knives.

Every once in a while we are fortunate to have an actual Boye-made knife. He may have made it recently, or it may be a previously made piece of Boye Dendritic Steel or Dendritic Cobalt or the rare sawblade steel.

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