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J.P. Holmes

J.P. Homes (1954 - 2013)
Francine Etched Knives First Knifemaker

J.P. Holmes meticulously made our knives for 5 years, from 2002 - 2007.  Most sadly, he passed, too young, in May of 2013.  He was the first knife maker I worked with as Francine Etched Knives.  His sincerity and integrity created a strong foundation for our business to grow and prosper.

He was a custom knifemaker with a solid reputation for superior craftsmanship. He started making the Francine Etchings line of knives in 2002. Francine thoroughly enjoyed working with him because of his craftsmanship, skill, the subtle beauty of his styling, and his willingness and ablity to give the customer exactly what is desired.

He started each knife with a BDS casting of 440c stainless steel, ground off the casting skin and rough ground the blade to prepare it for heat treating. After it is hardened in an atmosphere controlled kiln, he would draw out the brittleness in an oven. Then it was ready for its final polishing process using progressively finer grits on his sanding wheel.

When it reached its optimum polish, J.P. sent the blade to Francine for etching-- with a design, or without-- which would bring out the beautiful crystal pattern of the steel. After the knife was etched, it was returned to Holmes where he attached, shaped, and polished the handle and ringsets, if any, through a progression of sanding belts. The blade was then scotchbrited, and the knife finish polished, buffed, and inspected.

The result -- a one of a kind tool, finely crafted by JP, whose performance is as beautiful as its appearance, a merging of form and function that will perform through a lifetime of use and likely become a working family heirloom.

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