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Bob Frank
Custom Woodwork 

Bob has been a furniture maker for over thiry years. He studied art with a focus on sculpture at University of California at Santa Cruz, then did a year of apprenticeship working in Los Angeles.

Two years of life experience working construction and other jobs sent Bob back into woodworking. For eight years he worked in residential and commercial cabinetry, followed by four years as the foreman for a company building antique reproduction furniture.

Eventually, Bob decided to go into business for himself. He now produces one of a kind projects: custom doors, elaborate entrances to houses and large estates, and specialized furniture. He has had his own cabinetry business since 1995.

We began working with Bob in 2009 who has produced several unique and elegant Boxes and Knife Blocks.  In addition, he sculpts the handles for our Custom Lockback Folders.  

The Barn Owl Box, completed in 2015, presented a set of special challenges in design. What was required was a display case that could house the knife set and sheaths, and a book on the project. These would sit in a child proofed display that could be both a table top display case, and a wall display. From the tray holding the knives and sheaths, the magnets that hold the knives in place, to the locking device for the cover of the box, Bob, after years of thought and experimentation, figured out solutions to all the problems he faced, and built an extraordinary display case for the Barn Owl set. 

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