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Theo Eichorn

Theo Eichorn is an award winning knife maker, receiving the honor of being named Best of Show and Best New Maker in 2008 at the Oregon Knife Collectors Association show in Eugene, OR.  Best Forged Knife in 2015 and Best Awards Knife for his paring knife in 2017.

He also received a Bronze Award for Large Hunting Knife at the Kauhava Knife Show in Finland in 2013.

Theo makes most of our Boye Basic Knives and Lockback Folder Blades...

Hello, I’m Theo Eichorn.

I have had a life long interest in knives and knife making. In 1984, my high school art teacher, Patrick Donovan, introduced me to the world of “custom knives.” This was years before the internet, when we learned from books and word of mouth! One of the few books available at the time was David Boye’s classic “Step-By-Step Knife Making. It was a great inspiration to me, as it has been for many of us.

I went on to work for Matt Conable at William Henry for eight years. Since then, I lived in Finland for three years, studying with several great artisans there. Now I live in Grants Pass, Southern Oregon, where I set up a shop and forge and continue making puukko by hand, the old fashioned way.

It is my pleasure and privilege to be grinding David’s knives for Francine, on which she does her beautiful etching. I’m pleased to be a part of this great tradition of West Coast knife making!

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