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Don Norris

Don Norris (1933-2008)

Don and Francine met at the Pasadena Southern California Blade Show in February of 1993 where they discovered each others work for the first time. Soon after that meeting they joined efforts on what grew to become many mutually inspired collaborations throughout the rest of the ’90’s and through half of 2008 when he passed on. 

Born in Cleveland, Don grew up in Ohio and after 2 years of college entered US Army basic training and was chosen for a top secret missile training program. After his discharge he continued his education in mechanical engineering and worked as an electrical systems engineer.

In his knifemaking, Don specialized in classic and traditional styles, producing both working and exhibition knives, often in a Bowie style. A perfectionist, he found knife making exhilarating and embraced each artistic challenge with gusto! He loved putting together unique and beautiful materials to create an elegant statement piece, often enhanced with a Francine catalog etching or the occasional custom etching.

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