The cobalt blade is a superb piece of work. October 31, 2019 02:01

The knife was very nicely wrapped in tissue paper with a bow and packed tightly in newsprint inside the box. Everything was very secure for shipping. Once unpacked, the knife with its laser etching was truly beautiful. I was also pleased to feel it in my hand; it is a rather heavy knife where the weight of the blade can be taken advantage of to let the edge glide through whatever needs to be cut. The cobalt blade is a superb piece of work. My sincere thanks to you and the other artisans who contributed to this knife. Needless to say, the cocobolo handle is also beautiful. I am sure the friends to whom we are gifting the knife will sincerely appreciate receiving it. The superb quality of this knife makes me look forward all the more to receiving the knife you are working on as a gift to my wife.

Lakeside, AZ