The knife is performing flawlessly November 3, 2015 02:36

Got the sheath! Wow! It's way nicer than the pics on your site reveal! I've had several custom sheaths made over the years... and this is certainly one of the more well finished. Moving... & getting the rafting outpost ready has put this knife to some use and I am pleased to say that the knife is performing flawlessly. A few days ago I accidentally dropped the knife tip first from hip height (Im 6'5"). The knife chipped the concrete a bit and there was zero, and I mean zero, deformation or breakage! I once broke an S30V Striders tip with a fairly light tap on a cast iron frying pan! I will be doing a YouTube review in the next week or so. ...overall impressions?: This knife is a must buy! I'll send you a link when it's posted. And once again... THANK YOU FRANCINE!!