I am so impressed with your work... November 2, 2015 17:47

I am so impressed with your work ... each new knife is like a new canvas on the wall. First I study it at a distance where I can see both the highlighted images and the background ... a background that shows the dendritic patterns in the steel. Then I get out my loupe and look at the raised image, but as tiny shiny islands of steel raised against a lower background of a rough surface of acid-eaten steel. The contrast at this level, of thousands of islands in a calm sea, is completely divorced from the etched images viewed at eye level. It's a surprise when it quickly morphs into an aquarium view of seven fish swimming left ... and where are they going? My first thought was that phrase from the song, "Swim little fishys, swim if you can". "And they swam, and they swam, right over the dam."... I love my pair of paring knives! Made my day.