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The Barn Owl Project Book

Price:$ 245.00

The Barn Owl Project Book

Using mostly photographs and email exchanges, this custom book documents the 9 year long evolution and creation of  The Barn Owl Project, a collaboration among 6 artists and Wes Hetrick, our client who commissioned this ever expanding enterprise.  

It provides a unique glimpse into the practical creation of a work that starts with a germ of an idea and expands over years into an art piece and collector's item that draws together the work of gifted artisans from several different disciplines.  The book documents the process and artists that are involved in all of Francine Etched Knives' work.

The book also follows Wes' life through the years as the project unfolds.

It is privately printed on a state of the art press and hand-bound in an antique bindery, both of which are documented in the book.

The 100# High Gloss Paper, Buckram Binding, and Linen Dust Covers are Archival Quality.

Dimensions are 12" x 12" x 1".

147 Pages.

Included is a CD recorded by David Larstein of the Barn Owl screeches outside our house, as well as early morning bird songs and frog songs on a rainy morning at the ranch.  We recommend you listen to these lovely sounds of nature while you enjoy sharing our journey with us.

There is just 1 of 26 copies left of the First Edition.

Price: $245.00  


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