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The Barn Owl Project.

Price:$ 25,000.00

The Barn Owl Project with 5 "Barn Owl" designs by Francine.

Every spring Barn Owls nest in the barn across from our cottage, and each year we enjoy their shreiks and screeches and general commotion as one-by-one the babies leave their nest. One day when I was sharing with a longtime friend, avid birder, and collector of Boye Knives, how much we enjoy this yearly ritual, he suggested I develop a Barn Owl design and etch it onto a Boye Basic Knife for him. One thing led to another as our 2 creative energies gradually brought into being this elaborate project. Each fine point was decided by us and the marvelous artisans we were so fortunate to work with to bring together this completely original creation. Made from whole cloth, detail by detail, each feature is specifically designed for the utmost funactionality and beauty. The display box and these knives and sheaths provide the luxurious home for 5 unique Barn Owl designs. A book documenting the 9 year journey in images & email communications is now for sale.  

• Dendritic Steel Basic Knife Castings Designed by David Boye.
• Knives Ground, Polished, and Handled with Exhibition Ironwood & Mosaic Pins by Todd Kopp.
• Etched Dendritic Steel Nameplate by Todd Kopp and Francine.
• Rattlesnake Skin Sheaths by Jim Ort.
• Exhibition Desert Ironwood & Cherrywood Display/Storage Box with Hidden Lock by Bob Frank.
Book Designed, Co-Edited and Co-Written by David Larstein. 
• Project Initiated, Commissioned, and Co-Created by Wes Hetrick.

Price: $25,000 ~ Does not include writing and publishing of book.

Cover Photo & Photos 12,13,14, & 15 by Pete Burnight.
Photo 26 by Wes Hetrick.

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