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Six-Piece Kitchen Cutlery Set by David Boye.

Price:$ 10,500.00

Six Piece Kitchen Set with with Acid Etched Blades

• Boye Dendritic Stainless Steel Knives.
• Knives and Board by David Boye. Circa 1998/99.
• Blade Etching Designs by Francine and David.
• Brass, Copper, and Malachite Artstone Ringsets.
• Desert Ironwood Handles.
• Boye-made Desert Ironwood and Malachite Artstone Magnetic Display and Storage Rack.

Price: $10,500.00
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This wonderful kitchen knife set is one of the few larger sets made by David Boye during his 30 year custom knife making career.  It is a rare collectible from a master knife maker not only for its artistry, but also as a standout piece in the history of blade making.

David pioneered the use of investment casting for making blades (dendritic metallurgy), a radical innovation in an ages-old craft.  This revolutionary breakthrough, along with his iconic book, Step by Step Knifemaking: You Can Do It! established him as one of the most seminal and influential knife makers of modern times.

Commissioned in the late 20th Century near the end of his custom knives period, this hand-signed culinary set is a mature and refined example of his dendritic cutlery art.  

It is a distinctive and beautiful piece of David's legacy.

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