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Welcome to Francine Etched Knives

       Continuing the Legacy of DAVID BOYE

We are a small business creating and offering for sale products that have been individually handcrafted by several virtuoso artisans.  Formerly David Boye Knives Gallery of Davenport, California, we became a primarily online business after we closed our shop in 2001.  We continue to offer Custom Hand-Crafted Kitchen Cutlery as well as Custom Outdoor Fixed Blade Sheath and Custom Folding Pocket Knives made from Boye Dendritic Steel (BDS) and Boye Dendritic Cobalt (BDC)

Many of the BDS blades are enhanced with acid etchings by Francine.  Her original artwork as well as the traditional designs reflect her love of nature and wildlife.

Some BDS blades are plain etched in order to reveal the unqiue crystalline structure of the steel, and the BDC blades are high polished to achieve a similar effect.

Our knives are hand-crafted from castings designed by David Boye.  Additional materials and accessories are the finest quality available.  A knife made from Boye Dendritic Steel or Cobalt holds an edge many times longer than one made of traditional cutting materials, yet is easy to sharpen when it does need that occasional touch-up.

Francine Etched Knives have been called the finest of tools for kitchen and outdoor use.  But they are more than that.  Daily tasks are infused with grace when you use your BDS or BDC knife because the knife feels so right in the hand, cuts so well, and is beautiful in all it's details.

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