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About Boye Tweezerlock Folding Pocket Knives


The unique little folding knife with many names...

Boye Dropped Edge Folders  
Boye Mini-Tweezerlock Folder • Boye Mini Folder 
Boye Large Tweezerlock Folder • Boye Basic Folder

Boye Basic Folder and Mini Folder. Winner most innovative design 1993 Blade Show. Made with Boye Dendritic Steel (BDS) Crafted by Todd Kopp


The Basic Boye Folder

David Boye, Full-time knifemaker since 1971.  Author, Step-by-Step Knifemaking
David Boye
Full-time knifemaker since 1971
Author, Step-by-Step Knifemaking

The Basic Folder and Mini Folder are Boye Basic personal knives with nickel silver cases. The basic line of knives is designed to be all-purpose in the broadest sense - to do anything that knives can do, totally though and tactical, and yet easy to cary, hand friendly. A knife you can have with you and use in all situation from succotash to survival.

The Mini Folder is a minimalist Basic Folder - fully cantonal yet highly portable keychain-sized knife.

For both of these knives, the handcrafted nickel silver case makes a good handle extension, making the knife easier to hold and more powerful.



The Dropped Edge Blade

Innovative and maximally functional, the dropped edge shape is the Boye "signature" blade design. It gets the fingers out of the way of the full knife edge can contact the cutting surface increasing leverage and control. The wide blade is versatile and excellent for scraping.

The dropped edge forms a safety fingerboard, and creates a sharpening angle guide on the edge.


Easy, Safe Opening

To open the folder, hold it about halfway down and pull the knife and case apart.To open the folder, hold it about halfway down and pull the knife and case apart.

The "tweezerlock" at the tip gently releases the blade.

Folder opens to a full handle grip.Folder opens to a full handle grip.


BDS - Boye Dendritic Steel

A New Kind of Cutting Power: Carbide Crystal Blade Steel

Boye Dendritic Steel is a breakthrough stainless material for edged tools. High carbon 440C stainless steel is cast molten into the shape of a knife blade. As he metal cools, a dendritic or "branching" network of carbide crystals forms, fully bonded, throughout the steel. These crystals give the knife edge extra "bite" and cutting stamina. Knives made with Boye Dendritic Steel hold an edge up to 3-10 times longer than ordinary stainless steel.

Boye Dendritic Steel x 100 Visible carbide crystal network versus Roll-forged stainless tell x 100 Random carbide particles
ADVANTAGES OF BDS: Holds a better edge - Cuts more aggressively - Sharpens easily


Handle Inlay Choices

Handle Inlay Choices: Cocobolo, Desert Ironwood, Bone TurquoiseCocobolo
Desert Ironwood


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