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About Boye Lockback Folding Pocket Knives


Boye Lockback Folding Pocket Knives

The Boye Featherweight Lockback Folder

The Boye lockback is entirely new and unique in man's long history of knife making. Designed by master knifemaker David Boye, a modern lockback is paired with dendritic blade steel. The carbide crystal "bite" of dendrite steel gives you super performance in cutting power, edge holding and ease of sharpening. All in a compact, lightweight package.

Design features include:

  • versatile dropped point architectural blade shape
  • hollow ground blade with fine edge
  • "hand-friendly" feel with good grip
  • Zytel handle textured with pattern of dendritic steel carbide crystals
  • strong construction
  • lightweight; total weight is 2oz
  • fine workmanship
  • positive action; one hand opening
  • lanyard hole
  • pocket or belt clip
  • recessed release bar for safety

    Blade length - 3"
    Open length - 7"
    Weight - 2oz
    Handle - Zytel with "dendritic" texture
    Blade - BDS 440C or BDC Cobalt
    Pins - solid stainless
    Clip - Titanium


    Wide blade and narrow blade designs

    3-D Blade Art

    The Boye Lockback features eight different designs carved by David Boye and cast into the thumb recess of the blade. The knife can be opened with one hand.

    Blades Prepared by Theo Eichorn
    Knives Produced by Lisa Embry
    In David Boye's Shop.

    LIFETIME WARRANTY: If any of our knives ever breaks or fails because of material or manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you.



    About BDS

    Carbide crystals in BDS x 100
    Carbide crystals in BDS x 100

     Boye Dendritic Steel, BDS, is a new, revolutionary stainless blade steel with carbide crystals. It will hold an edge 2-50X longer than other stainless and non stainless cutlery alloys. A fresh edge can be put on in less than one minute.


    The difference between BDS and other knife steels is a result of the way it is made. Most knives are made from a roll of forged steel. BDS is made by investment casting, pouring molten 440C stainless steel into individual porcelain molds. As the metal cools, a crystalline pattern of chrome carbides grows throughout the entire blade.

    This unique micro-formation is responsible for the penetrating cutting, superior edge holding, and ease of sharpening of each Boye knife. The blades have a "micro-serrated edge" that keeps cutting even when the knife feels dull.

    The cutting power of a BDS knifeThe cutting power of a 8" BDS knife: Over a 15 hour period, 3,000 pieces of 1" hemp rope were cut without resharpening the edge.




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