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About Boye Basic Knives

About Boye Basics Dropped Edge Sheath Knives


Dropped Edge Sheath Knives

The Boye Basic knives combine maximum utility with simplicity of design. There is noting extra but there is everything you will ever need in a knife. They are easy to carry, efficient to use, slender, sturdy, totally versatile, "hand-friendly," and go unnoticed on the belt.

Featured include:

  • Made of BDS for superior edge holding and quick sharpening.
  • Wide, curved blade ground to a .012 bevel for durability, cutting efficiency, and ease of sharpening.
  • The dropped edge blade shape puts the blade down below the fingers where you want to do the work, and forms its own fingerguard and sharpening angle guides. The point of contact with the workpiece is close to the hand, providing greater leverage, and the entire edge can be applied. Excellent for cutting down on a board or on any other surface requiring finger clearance.
  • Unique I-beam architecture with thick, strong, continuous, one-piece integral construction.
  • Hollowed handle sides for lightness and strength.
  • Compact and portable - the "flat" configuration makes the knife easy to carry and unobtrusive, and makes it more likely that you will have it with you when you need it.


WARRANTY: If any of our knives ever breaks or fails because of material or manufacturing defects, we will replace it. This lifetime warranty is good as long as you own your knife.

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