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Lanyards with Antique Buttons

Hand-crafted Custom Macrame Lanyards with unique and lovely Antique Buttons, Ancient Handmade Beads, and other treasures.

Made by Wes Hetrick to add beauty and ease of use to your David Boye designed knife.

1. WHY A LANYARD? If your Boye knife has a lanyard hole in its handle you might want to consider adding one of our Custom Lanyards. We are working to prepare a collection of lanyards made of a variety of materials that you can select and attach to your knife. The materials are basically cord of different sizes and colors used to form a length of macrame knots that, when attached to a knife, offer a “handle assist” to a knife. Especially with smaller knives like the Boye Photon and Boye Sub-basic, we find the addition of a short lanyard adds stability and control to the knife in hand. In addition to the cord we add an antique button to terminate the lanyard and give additional texture for the hand to grab and grip. And we have experimented with adding ancient hand made stone beads (perhaps thousands of years old) to the macrame knots for the same purpose. Maybe difficult to visualize but we are confident that you will find adding a lanyard to a favorite Boye knife will add both interest and utility. Give it a try. In line with our generous return policy we will gladly refund your purchase if you find a lanyard is not for you.

2. ATTACHING A LANYARD TO YOUR BOYE KNIFE. Your lanyard arrives complete and ready to attach to your Boye knife.  Wes has left a large loop of cords at the knife end of the lanyard that you can pass through the lanyard hole of your knife.  When the loop is fully pulled through the hole, there is enough space to feed your knife through the loop.  Tighten it down, seal with a dot of super glue, and cut of the extra cord.  A tiny tube of Super Glue is included with your lanyard.

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